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James Edwin Gibson (jameseg) is a very ecumenical Christian who seeks to love everyone.

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Newsvine user jameseg (James Edwin Gibson) is a very ecumenical Christian who seeks to love everyone. Before becoming a Christian, for several years he was an agnostic. He respects persons of all religious beliefs.

He enjoys discussing current events with persons of all views. Personally, he is pro-life, basically pacifistic, and is registered as an independent voter. Generally he is a conservative on moral and fiscal issues, while he is a liberal on most environmental and social issues.

He is a bivocational freelance writer who has written articles on a wide variety of topics. He has also self-published two books, True Christianity: It May Not Be What You Think in 2014 (second edition 2015, third edition 2017), and Several True (I Think) Stories: Can Truth Be Stranger Than Fiction? in 2016 (second edition 2017).

He knows that God deserves the credit for any good in his writing, for he could do nothing on his own.

Though his writing pays him little in dollars, it blesses him immeasurably in other ways. His second job keeps the bills paid!

Among other things, in his spare time he enjoys reading, attending seminars and lectures, discussing current events, taking nature hikes, bicycling, and visiting museums.

As a child he enjoyed playing board games and card games and still does when time permits. He is not an avid sports fan, but he does follow college basketball, which some say is almost a religion in Kentucky where he lives.

Though he holds an MBA and two other college degrees, he is not a very materialistic person. Acquiring a lot of money and material wealth is not a big priority for him.

In college his undergraduate electives included several English courses. In graduate school he took some Communications courses.

For a few years he's been seeking to follow a vegan diet, trying to avoid eating meat and dairy products. He is confident that a well-balanced, nutritious, vegan diet is healthier for humans -- as well as being better for the health of the animals that would otherwise be on the menu!

He is happy being single. If God leads him to the right person, at the right time, in the right way, he desires to be receptive to the possibility of marriage. But he does not want to rush into it. Singleness seems to be God's will for him at least for the present, and maybe for his entire life.

He believes persons are happier and healthier if we seek to "be good and do good" to quote/paraphrase English translations of words credited to Buddha centuries ago. He thinks that this includes being friendly to everyone.

He is confident that he can learn something from anyone, and through the grace of God maybe he can teach anyone something, though he knows that he could not do anything were it not for God and others.

He considers everyone a friend or a potential friend. However, his closest friendships are probably with persons with whom he shares common interests, beliefs, morals, etc. This may be preferable to letting emotional attractions lead him into a too close relationship with a person who is different in many respects. But he often learns the most from those who differ from him in numerous ways!

He is an optimist who enjoys the simple pleasures of life and likes meeting a variety of people.

He lives in Lexington, Kentucky.

Enjoy God's blessings!

Sincerely, James Edwin Gibson (Newsvine user jameseg)

P.S. The photo of James Edwin Gibson was taken by himself on November 18, 2015 using a digital camera's time-delay setting.